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9/15/14 hope, shoes…

written 3/7/12 – There is a question in my Max Lucado journal. It is the journal titled “out live your life”. It asks what gives you the most hope? I had to think about the question for a long time. What gives me hope is to see my kids happy about their accomplishments, and when I have a problem that can be solved, I am able to work out a solution. A problem that can’t be solved would be if I have to drive somewhere and there is only one way to get there and there is too much traffic. I can’t change the location or the traffic. When we have a problem that can be solved, like too many shoes in the kitchen, and we, or I, can find a solution, I begin to have hope of solving other problems. It gives me momentum.

Today I found plastic trays that can each hold two pairs of shoes. I got four of them. I will tell the kids tomorrow that they can keep as many pairs of shoes as they can fit on their tray, in the kitchen. The rest of the shoes must go to the shoe shelf. I was looking for  a Rubbermaid plastic dish drainer for each of us. I couldn’t find any so we each have a plastic serving tray. It will work the same way.

I like to keep three pairs of shoes in the kitchen. One pair each of dress shoes, tennis shoes and sandals. It is so convenient to have them all by the back door. I may have two layers of shoes on my tray.

How do you stay organized? I would love to get some ideas.

Please join us again tomorrow and read about our newest adventure!!!


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