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3/18/15 older posts, the cat and the Christmas tree, family history…

Here are some random posts that I had on my Nook while the power cord was lost:

written 12/15/13 Our little cat likes the Christmas tree. She is playing with it a little bit. The morning after we put the tree up there was a chair close to the tree with the back of the chair by the tree. She was standing on the back of the chair playing with one of the ornaments. I am not really worried that she will break an ornament. Most of our glass ornaments were broken when the kids were young. One of kids was reaching for a ornament on a higher branch when they were young and pulled really hard. The tree broke in half. No one was hurt. Most of the breakable ornaments were broken and lot of the lights broke. We bought a new tree and put the unbroken ornaments back on it. Now we make an ornament each year but it is usually the flat wooden ones that we decorate with markers and our names and the year. If the cat pulls down an ornament it probably won’t break, but some are decorated and she might eat part of it.
I have started making my New Years Resolutions. I am not sure if the kids make any. I remind them about making them each year, but they decide for themselves what they want to do. To me it is a good time to look back on where I am and where I want to be. I do this twice a year. Once at New Years and once at Easter. Jesus died for us and washed away our sins on Easter, so it is a good time to see if any changes are needed.

Tuesday 12.17.13 My mom has been recording some family history on the tape recorder. The first few days she recorded a lot, but now she records on it now and then. I need to get the recorder back from her and record the information on a second recorder so that it will be in two places.
It is about twenty five degrees today. By Friday it should be forty degrees and raining.
I was driving home yesterday and saw some kids walking home. While I was waiting at a stop light the kids came to a waist high pile of snow in their path. Instead of walking around it, they crawled over it and slid/rolled down it. They were having a great time. I remember being that young. We haven’t built a fort or had a neighborhood snow ball fight in years.

One of the best decisions that we made in the last year was to get a second cat. She has added so much to our family. I have made my New Years resolutions. There are twelve of them. Most of them involve helping my kids do something, so they will be ongoing.

12/29/13 We will probably take the Christmas tree down next weekend. It was forty-two degrees today. Yesterday the kids and I took a walk in the local cemetery. It was nice to get outside on a nice day. I had heard that this was going to be a cold and snowy winter, but it hasn’t been too bad so far…but we are only in December.

Here are some pictures: bent glass candy canes pesents under the tree 2picture of flowers atree in snowtwo trees and a present ornament plate



2/24/15 Thanksgiving traditions…

written 11/21/13 – We went to the mall last week. It is not even Thanksgiving and they have Christmas music playing. I love Thanksgiving and don’t like to see it skipped. It is my favorite non-religious holiday. We all get together and cook part of the meal together. There is something about having the whole family in the kitchen at the same time trying to cook. Everyone likes to take a turn mashing the potatoes. We also have some material that we lay out each year. We take a Sharpie marker and everyone writes on it what they are thankful for. At first it was easy. Most of us wrote things like we are thankful for our families. Some of us write more creative things like they are thankful for Google Chrome , weekends and the cat. It is difficult to think of new things each year. We starting thinking farther ahead each year to have something to write. We also put our name and the date by what we wrote. I am not sure if the kids write what the cats are thankful for. I will need to look. If you do this, put some newspaper under the material. The Sharpie marker does bleed through the material and onto the table.

thankful list





Here are some pictures:book drop painted wall



2/14/15 new backpack, Halloween decorations…

written 11 ! 3 ! 13 – Maggie wanted a second back pack from the same company that made the back pack that she carries her school books in. Maggie is fascinated with ordering things online. She found the back pack that she wanted and saved up the money for it. I have an E-Bay account so she bought it through my account. Maggie is thrilled. She can’t wait for it to arrive. The back pack should be here tomorrow or the next day.
We put up our Halloween decorations over the weekend. We are not great at putting up holiday decorations, but when we do put them up we try to get them up before the holiday. We have the witch that ran into the house, a skeleton and some pumpkins outside. The inside decorations were harder to place this year. When we had one cat, we could put things anywhere. She was a quiet cat and didn’t knock too many things off of tables. With two cats, and one being very playful the decisions of where to put things took longer.witch and skeletin

Here are some pictures: fall tree1 fall treeAmerican flag art3



2/12/15 William’s birthday!!! our kitty…

written 10 ! 29 ! 13 – Today is Williams birthday!!! He doesn’t get too excited about the birthdays themselves, but he likes the cake, ice cream and presents! We try to celebrate birthdays on the weekend, so that the kids don’t have to do homework after the party. This really doesn’t apply to William now that he isn’t in school. But, is has become a tradition and it is easier on all of us to get together when we are not rushed.

The little kitty got out again. The first time she was only outside, we believe, for a few minutes. Not long enough to get cold. The second time she was outside for a few minutes also. She used to look at us with playful eyes. Now she looks like she is planning. She has her claws, and might be OK outside, but we would miss her.

Here are some pictures: cat in box fall trees1race car3 ship1daytime factorynight lights alligator9-13




2/10/15 Emmaus Walk, cats and Halloween…

written 10 ! 23 ! 13 – I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. I was on an Emmaus Walk last weekend. The week before it had been planned out very well so that all of the packing for all of us could be done, we would have time to eat dinner together and do all of our family activities. It didn’t work out. Everything went wrong. And the car broke down. Car engines really do smoke. Not to worry…the car got fixed and we all got packed. The kids went to grandmas for the weekend. The Emmaus Walk went well. I saw a lot of old friends and made a lot of new ones.

We are now settling back into our daily lives. One of our cats got out this morning. We have inside cats, but they do have claws. She was out all day. We found her outside under the deck when we got home. When we were getting her the second cat got out. This is the first time that these cats have been outside. Our last cat hated being outside, when the door opened he ran to the middle of the room. It was nice to know that he was always safe. These two cats are curious and is is difficult in the morning when we turn off the lights to leave so the house is dark and it is dark outside, we can’t tell if a cat has gone outside. Both of the cats are back in the house. It was a chilly day for the cat to be outside.

Beth has decided to be candy corn for Halloween. We found the white and orange duct tape at the first store, but it took about three more stops to find the yellow duct tape. It will be interesting to see how this costume turns out. She would have been warmer if she had chosen to go as Captain Fluffy, but it is her choice.

Here are some pictures:country lane cowbe a hero fall treelocal art fighter planestarfish 9-13 rowboats9-13




2/5/15 local events, cats…

written 10 ! 3 ! 13 – We are always looking for more local places to go. We look at the local weekly newspapers that are available outside of the library a lot. The other day I was at a rest stop and saw all of the tourist information. There were a lot of pamphlets about single events and some thicker booklets about towns or categories…like a camping booklet. Some of the events had already happened this summer, but I took a pamphlet anyway. It may be an event that we can go to next year. There is a lot more to do in our area than I realized.

Our new cat is almost as big as our first cat. The first cat would like to sleep more, but the new cat thinks that she is a big time wrestler. The first cat ignores her as long as she can they she tries to say go away. The second cat plays more, thinking that the fun has begun. Our first cat still looks at us like ,”why did you bring her here?”cat

Here is some art to enjoy while waiting for the Art Museum to reopen. art



1/21/15 Maggie’s birthday…

written 9 ! 6 ! 13 – We had Maggie’s birthday party today. She will be eighteen next week. We try to celebrate birthdays on the weekend before the birthday. If we have the party on their birthday and it is a school night, it is hard for the kids to put their toys down and do their homework. We celebrate on weekends so that the kids can play longer.  Maggie wanted some puzzle games that she could carry and try to solve if she had time between classes. Actually, she has a whole list for her birthday and Christmas, complete with pictures on her phone. Then if someone asks what she wants, she will be ready to answer. Maggie isn’t a self centered person, she just likes to be

Maggie likes pie instead of cake. It is a nice change to have pie sometimes, but it is more difficult to put eighteen candles on a pie. The crust keeps falling apart.

We also measure the kids at their birthday. We have a six foot board that we measure everyone on and write their names the date and their age on. My mom’s family measured the kids on the kitchen door frame, and when they sold the house they weren’t able to get the board out before the sale. We got a board so that we could take with us when we moved. The big problem is that it is not flat. It was flat when we first got it. It was laid on the floor, but one side was on a book so over time it became permanently curved. We only use it on birthdays so it was on the book for a long time before we noticed it. It is closer to being straight now than when we first found that it was on the book. But…we measured the kids on the curved board for years so all of the measurements are approximate. Now, the kids have stopped growing, but we still want to write their information on the board every year. The measurement each year is in the same place, so we now have a lot of arrows pointing from their name, the date and their age to the same line.

We also measure our pets. At first we couldn’t decide where to measure the cat. Should we measure at the top of the head, or the top of the back? One of the kids thought that we should have the cat stand on their hind paws and measure to where the front paws could reach. I said “no”. Future generations would not understand and they would think that we had a cat that was three feet tall. The kids thought that that was a riot. The first time we measured the cat the kids had the cats back sagging. At the next birthday the cats back was at the normal level. By the third birthday, the cat knew what was coming and had his back arched…I believe this was to get away faster. When we now look at the measuring stick, it looks like the cat grew two inches every month that year. Grandma came over for the birthday so we measured her and her puppy too.




12/29/14 cats, garage sale, e-mail contacts and camping…

written 7/8/13 – The cats are getting along better. They have stopped hissing at each other.  Stella follows Mandy around hoping to play. She bats at Mandy’s tail or paws. Mandy plays more now, but not as much as Stella would like.
Yesterday I had a lot to say…today I can’t think of anything.
We had a garage sale over the weekend. Everything that didn’t sell needs to go to the Goodwill. The sale was fun, but not productive
About twice a year, I print off all of my e-mail contacts. My computer has crashed in the past and we have lost everything so it is nice to have a back-up of the e-mail addresses. I need to put all of the phone numbers in my phone into a book and update that after each new number. The kids update their phone list often, I should get into the habit of doing this too.
We need to set up our next camping trip. We feel confident enough to go again. We had a great time on the last trip and learned a lot of good lessons. Hopefully William will go with us. It would be fun to try a different camp ground.


12/25/14 new kitty…

written 7/1/13 – We got a new kitty on Wednesday 6/19/13. The lady that we got her from had all of the kittens in a room with toys and boxes to play in. Maggie, Beth and I went to pick her up. She is a short haired gray and white cat. The lady said that she didn’t have much time to play with the cats, so we would need to do that. Our kitty was all claws and fire. We chose her because she was the only short haired cat. William has asthma so a short haired cat would be better. On the way home Beth held her. We needed to name her. All of the names that we had decided on the day before didn’t fit her. We tossed up a lot of names. As we got closer to the house I started saying business names “how about Marathon, or McDonald’s.” We named her Stella.

When we got home we introduced her to William, and showed her the food and kitty litter. Then we took her to meet our first cat, Mandy. They hissed at each other. Mandy looked so upset, like she had been betrayed. I didn’t know that cats could give the evil eye to people. We tried to explain that Stella would be a friend, but Mandy wasn’t buying it. She sulked away and refused to be petted that day. Beth took Stella to her room so that she could adjust slowly to us. I think that Stella will be a good member of our family.


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