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10/29/16 SurveySavvy – surveys and referral program…

Would you like to get paid when other people do surveys!
I have found a new way to make money. The company is called SurveySavvy. They pay people to take surveys and have a referral program that is better than the other ones that I have seen. I will be earning money from my referrals and also from their referrals so I am making money two levels down! I have never seen more than one level of payment from a survey company. Another way to earn money with them is to install their app on any or all of your Internet devices. They will collect information about the usage of the device. At first I said no, I am a very private person, so I will do the surveys and share the opportunity with my blog friends but not put their app on my phone. Then I read what information they collect. Some of the things that they collect are how much time I am on playing games, but not which games I play, and how many calls I make and how long I am on, but not who I called or what we talked about. It all sounded so honest to me and I am really kind of boring, so I installed it on my phone. In a month I will have $5 more in my account. I haven’t done a survey yet. I have been offered a few surveys but I couldn’t get to them. They did tell the amount that would be paid and about how long they would take to do right the subject line. I will get back to you when I have done a survey.
If you see anything here for yourself, please sign up using my link. Do you like getting paid to do surveys, or getting paid when other people do surveys, or getting paid to have an app running on all of your Internet devices? If you have a lot of Internet devices, phone, tablet, laptop etc. This could add up to a nice amount money. If you want to think about this and sign up later, please comer back and sign up using my link, so that I will get credit for referring you! Thanks!!!


1/1/16 Happy New Year!!! update on the blog, Bible study…

Happy New Year!!! I pray for a Happy New Year for all that visit my blog and that God will guide us safely to wherever we need to go.

I have not been posting every day, it seems to be a struggle with finding the time to do everything. I write blogs all day in my head, but can’t find time to put them on my Nook, while I am waiting for kids and sitting in my car, or writing them directly onto the blog at home. Also I haven’t been adding pictures. For a while my phone wouldn’t let me add pictures. I had wanted to be part of the 365 day challenge, adding a picture each day. I even bought a calendar to carry with me so that I could take a picture while I was out and add it to to blog while I was waiting to pick someone up. But … my blog won’t let me add any pictures at all, not from my phone or from my computer. So I have a lot of pictures that will be added when the blog lets me do this. Maybe it’s God’s way of saying “Please write”, or maybe it is a computer glitch.

So this year, lets start a Bible study!!! I am so excited. If we try to have it every day then maybe this will keep me on the blog every day. Lets start with Genesis 1, and read a chapter each day. I have a Revised Standard Version Bible, so that is where my I will be posting a Bible verse each day from. Who’s in??? You can post a comment about the verse that I have posted or post a verse of your own, or post about anything.

Genesis chapter 1.

Genesis 1:3 “And God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.”

God is so powerful that he can say “Let there be light” and light appears, or is made, or is there. And he has a plan. This wasn’t random, He knew what he wanted to do, how He wanted to set it up, and He did it. I guess that is why I want to be more like God, not to be powerful, I like have limited power, but to have a plan, to take the time to think it through and to actually do things on my plan. I am sometimes a wanderer. I get caught up in whatever is happening and loose sight of the bigger picture for my family. The day to day is important, but if there is a bigger plan, like things to do over the summer, or getting the once a month cooking done each month, these things are really helpful to my family. Many times I make a plan, think it through and write down everything that needs to be done. I am a list maker. Then I get involved in the latest crisis, happening, daily event at our house and either forget about the plan, or loose my list. I don’t think that I have ADD, but I do need to focus more. This year I have gotten a small notebook to keep in my purse to write my lists on. This way I will always know where the list is, I will just need to remember to look at the list.

Where do you struggle in finding and keeping your direction? How are you trying to overcome this?


10/28/15 posting from my phone…

This is my second post from my phone! I am very excited! I hope that now there can be more posts to my blog. I will continue the story that I have been posting. We are at Feb. 2014. But also I can post pictures and blogs from today. I am not sure if live posting has spell check, so please forgive me for my spelling errors. I am not a good speller ot typist, so between the two, I am not sure what will be posted. Thanks for visiting my blog! Please come back again!!!


10/27/15 the first post from my phone…

this is the first post from my phone.


3/28/15 cell phone and adding a picture onto my blog…

written 1/8/14 – I have made more of a commitment to my cell phone. I am relatively new to cell phones, having mine for less than a year. This last month I got our family phone book and entered all of the numbers and addresses into my phone. I have my kids write all of their phones numbers and information into notebooks now and then…they have had phones longer than me. Then if their phone completely dies they have all of the numbers. I need to do this too. There are numbers in my phone that aren’t in the address book.

I tried to add a picture to one of my contacts in my phone. Before kids I could have done this alone, now with kids, I did try, but my daughter ended up cropping the picture and adding it for me. I do think that I can do the next one.

I had some free time and deleted all of the old messages on my phone. The wrong numbers are now gone. Next is the pictures. All of the ones that have been transferred to my blog need deleted.

We have another day off. The snow has stopped but the temperature is -13 deg before the wind chill and there is ice on the roads. Everything is down because of the ice. At this temperature, the salt won’t melt the ice.

Beth is doing math today. Maggie is cleaning her room and William is on the computer.

We added a picture to my blog. I thought that it would go in the top with the title, but it didn’t.

Here is a picture in our front yard with the sign in it. If it snows again it will be buried. We should bring it in so that no one falls on it and gets hurt.
Here is the girls fort.

Here are some pictures: 17sky Popeyes17sign 17fort1615 1631 2 cats looking out door



2/4/15 new phones…

written 10 ! 3 ! 13 – We got the girls cell phones activated today. They had been off. William likes his Tracfone and it was already on. Maggie’s phone was OK and just needed to be turned on. Beth had left hers in the classroom last week, she carries it to use as a watch. When she left the room for a minute it got broken. She is not blaming anyone, but is hurt that it is broken and no one will say that they did it. She had paid for it last year and it was a nice middle of the road phone, not really expensive but nor cheap. I activated the phones. They could not get Beth’s now broken phone to work at the store. Beth’s phone is her link to the world, she is a very social person. Our choices were to get the phone that I could afford, that doesn’t get or send pictures and can’t get apps and can’t retrieve her contacts, or not get a phone. The others were too expensive. Beth was crushed. Maggie had a nice phone and didn’t even want one, but she, Beth, had a model that didn’t do the things that she needs. I was so torn. She does need a phone, and I could have stretched and bought her a nicer one…but she thinks that it is OK to leave the phone in the classroom. I really didn’t want to teach her a lesson, but we got the cheaper phone. She was really upset for an hour then decided that she could live with it. She said that she can start saving for another phone.



12/28/14 fridge update, reading manuals…

written 7/7/13 – The kids have updated the fridge with their magnets. They have built Spider man a house and have added his cat and a butterfly.

   I will need to get some more magnets and add something to this.
I have been looking a lot lately at the things that bother me. The things that frustrate me the most always seem to be the things that I could fix. We have a new answering machine and it isn’t set up. It will record calls, but the date and other features are not set up. I have a new cell phone (My kids say that I have finally entered into this century) I can call and text on it, but it is largely a mystery. Every time that I try to do anything, the phone calls someone. Everyone is getting tired of me telling them that I am sorry that I called, but the phone is new and calls people when I do anything. This weekend we had some free time while we were waiting for the fireworks to start. I have read some of the cell phones manual and have now stopped calling everyone. Thank you everyone for your understanding. We need to set up the house phone next.
I guess this goes under the category of taking stock of my life now and then. I tend to be very happy just drifting along until I realize one day that I am in a totally different place than I wanted to be. I’m not doing bad things, just doing things that aren’t part of God’s plan for me. We had two talks at church in the beginning of this year. One said to go home and figure out where God was leading you, see if where you were headed that may not be His choice for you. Then decide how to get to where He wanted you to be. I did this and found out where the better directions for me were. The second talk said to look at what scares you and to figure out why you are scared of it. I haven’t done that one yet. I think that it would really help to face my fears and to get past them…but I am scared to even look at my fears. I know that this is wrong, because when I do face problems, the solutions are almost always easier than I had imagined them to be. Maybe I will look at my fears this week…



12/14/14 summer school, youth group and exercising…

written 6/3/13 – Maggie started summer school today…with her new cell phone. It went well. She came home with the phone and didn’t get into any trouble with it. She said that school was OK. She is taking economics.
The kids had youth group at the church tonight. None of us knew what time it started so we guessed. We got there just as it ended. I e-mailed the head of the group to get the times, and will put it on the calendar. To the kids it is a priority to go, but not a priority to get the times, or put the times on the calendar… We can go next week.
We have started a new exercise program at our house. It is the 90 day crunch challenge. The first day we did 25 sit-ups. Well…really, Beth, Maggie and I did the sit-ups. William tried not to be amused. The second day we need to add five more sit-ups, and add five more each day for 90 days. I made a chart so that we can keep track of what day we are on. By the end we are doing 300 or 400 sit-ups a day. The chart is hanging on the computer so that we can remember the challenge. We will see how it goes.


12/13/14 Maggie’s new phone…

written 6/12/13 – Today is the day that Maggie got her cell phone. She was so excited that she was up and dressed for church by 6:00 am. She was bright eyed today. She had some phone numbers from friends at school so she got a copy of them ready to take with her. Then she could load them onto the phone on the way home. We try to keep a copy of the list of cell phone numbers at home so that if the phone dies, we have the numbers to re-load into the phone. It is the same way with our e-mail, we print out our contacts twice a year.
Maggie got her phone after church. It is the same one that Beth has, so it was easy for Beth to help Maggie set it up. Maggie is thrilled.
Maggie and I did have a talk about phone responsibility. Now that Maggie has the phone, she still looks as excited as she did this morning.


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