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1/20/17 hats and cats…

Maggie and I went to Menard’s and tried on hats. She also wanted batteries and she had a toy for the cats. It shines a laser light in different directions for the cat to chase. We found the batteries  We went to Meijer and looked for hats there. Maggie also had some of her own money and wanted to look at movies. These are Maggie’s greatest loves, the cats and movies. We found a hat for her and one for William. We went to the movie area and she found a movie. I think it was an Avenger movie.


1/4/17 ACT admission ticket…

The ACT web site has been down for at least a week. Beth is taking her ACT test this Saturday and we still need to print her admission ticket. I disconnected my printer from my computer a while ago by mistake and can’t get it reconnected so I have been going to the library every day to print the page. I have gone into total panic. If we can’t print this she can’t test. I should have gone to the library the day she signed up, but I didn’t. Today the web site came up, I was so excited.


1/3/17 volunteering and friends…

Maggie is volunteering with one of her classes clearing burdock in a local neighborhood. They go every other Sunday for a few hours and get extra credit points for going. The burdock was brought to the neighborhood as an ornamental plant and took over the neighborhood. They have been clearing a field. Maggie is another one of my quiet kids. I am hoping that she will make a friend when she volunteers. She says that they cut the burdock down separately and don’t have conversations while they are there. When I drop her off at the school to go, we get there early and she does go over and talk to the other students that are waiting. It is OK with me if she and William are quieter ones, but they will miss a lot of life if they don’t ever talk to anyone. I had asked Maggie to join a club this semester. College isn’t just about the classes but about making a friend and about going to the games or a play or out for pizza or to a party or to something. She said that this semester she couldn’t join a club because she has too many classes.


1/2/17 cats and volunteering…

We have three cats now. They didn’t really fight much when we brought the third one in. Our first cat is the most insecure. She needs to be told often that she is loved and needed. And she needs held. When the second cat came to us she was glad to have a friend that wanted to run around and play. Our first cat is a lady and doesn’t want to run around and wrestle that much. Our new cat is a riot. She likes to chase her tail, which is just short enough that she can see it wiggling, but she has a rough time catching it. She will chase it no matter where she is sitting. She was on the back of the couch the other day and began chasing her tail. She kept falling off of the couch, but that didn’t bother her. She just got back on the back of the couch and started chasing again.
William has asked if he could quit going to volunteering. When we originally started volunteering I said that he should go so that he could make a friend and they could be reference for him on his applications or maybe they would be at a place that was hiring and William could work there. He is now working and asked on the first volunteering day after he started working if he could stay home. He said that he didn’t need a reference from anyone because he already had a job and he was tired from work. I said that he needed to give back to the community and volunteering for an hour shouldn’t make him too tired. He did go with us and he helped serve. When it came time to clean up, wiping off the tables and sweeping the floors, he stood along the side and watched. The next week he went with us like nothing had happened and helped to clean up without any problems. He must be getting used to work
William is very quiet when he is not at home. He doesn’t go out with friends, and he is happy like this. But it isn’t healthy to never go out and never talk to anyone. When we are at volunteering he will sometimes talk to the other volunteers and it gets him out of the house. The group of volunteers is mostly the same nice people each week, and the place where we volunteer isn’t large. William has been able to get used to them and he feels comfortable. If I let him use working as an excuse to stay home, he has lost all of his contact with the outside world. Or to look at it another way, he is around twenty-five years old. How long can I tell him what to do? For right now, we are all going to volunteering.


1/1/17 Lego League…

Happy New Year!!!

Beth is in charge of the Lego League contest that is coming to her school in about two weeks. She needs to get volunteers to be judges and to be general help. This group is made up of mostly students from their school. They also need about eight boxes of little Lego creatures put together. The creatures may be chickens, houses, dinosaurs etc. They are made from the smallest Lego pieces. They are put on the table and the teams that are competing bring remote control Lego robots that must pick up or scoot these Lego creatures to a certain point or drop them in a certain basket. These Lego creatures are put together by student volunteers after school.
Beth was involved in this her Freshman year and spent hours after school putting these Lego things together. She found out tonight that not enough are assembled and she needs volunteers to help her to get them done. They will also have students outside riding around in the go carts that the school builds and takes to parades, if the weather is nice. I think about eight grade schools compete in this contest. Beth does like to be in charge, but it is a lot of work getting everything coordinated for the contest and taking care of her classwork too.


12/31/16 senior project…

Beth is a senior in high school. Her senior project is going well. They are designing and building a cage to go around a robot that the school has just bought. The original designing was easy, but the teachers keep coming back with design changes. They changed the thickness of the metal that they were making it out of. The students needed to redraw the cage. The teachers changed the size of the cage, it needed to be redrawn, they wanted feet under the corners, another redraw. They have redrawn it about seven times. The teachers then asked for a table to be drawn and built. They can put the table in the cage and put the things that the robot is picking up on it. So they drew the table. They are all done with the design changes and the teachers are happy and have signed off on the designing stage. Beth’s team figured out what material needed to be bought to make the cage and the table and gave a list to the teachers who will send the list out for quotes at different places. Now the team is trying to find things to do while they wait for their material to come in. All of the changes help the students to see what real life will be like. These changes confused the students at first. Usually in class the teacher asks for a report or a project and never changes it. This assignment is closer to what the real world will be like.


12/30/16 work and scheduling classes…

William has been at work for a while. He seems happy. He isn’t as tired from all of the physical labor that he has to do all day.
Maggie is still in college. This is her first semester as only a college student. I am hoping that she does well. She does like school, but she has not scheduled classes for next semester and it worries me. If she would schedule her classes then she could be sure that she was able to get into the classes that she needs and also I would known how much I owed the school. They started scheduling last month and Maggie just isn’t ready to schedule. Maggie does things when she is ready to do them. I have decided to quit asking her about scheduling the classes. Talking about it is just frustrating both of us. After this semester, Maggie will be a Junior. She has made a friend in one of her classes. The girl is exactly like Beth and has the same name as me. Maggie says that it is easy to be her friend because she is so much like Beth. Her friend was going home to die her hair yesterday. Maggie already knew the right questions to ask her about dying her hair because Beth dyes her hair.


12/30/16 church camp and lunches…

Beth went to church camp this year. It is a high school camp so Maggie is now too old to go. When I dropped her off she knew the girls in her room and they were happy to see her and she was happy and relieved to see them. That is one of the first hurtles, will the room mates go good together. She went on a Friday night and came back on Sunday. We made it to the camp without getting lost and we got there on time, which is a big deal for us. It did help that we had been there before. I did get lost trying to get out of the camp. It was dark and foggy. I saw a lot of the camp that I wouldn’t normally see.
William starts his second week of work next week. His clothes are all washed and he is ready. When I ask him how it’s going at work William says that it is fine. William can be very quiet, so sometimes I don’t get a lot of information from him. Maggie has her sandwiches already made for next weeks lunches. We like to make our lunches on the weekend. It makes it so much easier during the week.


12/9/16 paperwork, peanut butter and clickers…

William didn’t fill out the paperwork from his interview last night. William was going to look it over and sign all of it today. He read half of the employee manual but didn’t fill out any of the forms. There is a tax form and an attendance form. And others. I think that he is panicking. He has been home for a long time. I told him tonight that they want the forms in tomorrow so he must complete them tonight. He came downstairs about a half hour later asking what would happen after the forms were turned in. I said that they would call him and give him a start date and a rate of pay. He didn’t look like he felt any better. So a little while later I went upstairs and asked him if after his first full day of work could we stop at Arbie’s on the way home and get him the sandwich that he likes and the fries and pop too. He looked like this was a good idea. Once he gets in and sees all of the guys his own age and all of the tools and all of the machines, I think that he will love it..
Beth called home after school today. She stays late for a club and they used to bring in pizza for the kids but they stopped last week. She came home last week saying that she was going to take a snack next week, which is now this week. She forgot the snack and called home to see if I would bring her and her friend something. I went over with peanut butter sandwiches.There are not many foods that Beth will eat.
Last night Maggie and I went and got her a new clicker for school. Instead of the students raising their hands when the teacher asks a question, they click their answer. Then everyone can get credit. Maggie’s clicker had died. When she got home, Maggie needed to go into the computer and link the new clicker to her name.


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