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Archive for the ‘cat’ Category

1/23/17 college and Christmas trees…

Maggie has dropped out of college.I asked her what she wanted to do now. She said she wanted to get a job. I said that would be good and asked her if she wanted to work at Menards, I think they are hiring and since she doesn’t drive it is close for me or her grandma to take her to. She didn’t look thrilled but said that this would be OK.
We need to take the Christmas tree down soon.We usually take it down some time in January, unless we are really busy with the kids school activities, then it is later. If we can’t take it down in January, we do take the Christmas wreath off of the front porch and put the regular wreath back up.  The cats have taken off the ornaments from the bottom foot of the tree. I wanted to turn the lights on the other day but couldn’t find the extension cord. Maggie said that she had taken it. We must have borrowed it from her and she thought we were done. The tree needs its own cord. It is sitting there not lit up with the ornaments from the bottom foot missing. Its just so sad.


1/20/17 hats and cats…

Maggie and I went to Menard’s and tried on hats. She also wanted batteries and she had a toy for the cats. It shines a laser light in different directions for the cat to chase. We found the batteries  We went to Meijer and looked for hats there. Maggie also had some of her own money and wanted to look at movies. These are Maggie’s greatest loves, the cats and movies. We found a hat for her and one for William. We went to the movie area and she found a movie. I think it was an Avenger movie.


1/2/17 cats and volunteering…

We have three cats now. They didn’t really fight much when we brought the third one in. Our first cat is the most insecure. She needs to be told often that she is loved and needed. And she needs held. When the second cat came to us she was glad to have a friend that wanted to run around and play. Our first cat is a lady and doesn’t want to run around and wrestle that much. Our new cat is a riot. She likes to chase her tail, which is just short enough that she can see it wiggling, but she has a rough time catching it. She will chase it no matter where she is sitting. She was on the back of the couch the other day and began chasing her tail. She kept falling off of the couch, but that didn’t bother her. She just got back on the back of the couch and started chasing again.
William has asked if he could quit going to volunteering. When we originally started volunteering I said that he should go so that he could make a friend and they could be reference for him on his applications or maybe they would be at a place that was hiring and William could work there. He is now working and asked on the first volunteering day after he started working if he could stay home. He said that he didn’t need a reference from anyone because he already had a job and he was tired from work. I said that he needed to give back to the community and volunteering for an hour shouldn’t make him too tired. He did go with us and he helped serve. When it came time to clean up, wiping off the tables and sweeping the floors, he stood along the side and watched. The next week he went with us like nothing had happened and helped to clean up without any problems. He must be getting used to work
William is very quiet when he is not at home. He doesn’t go out with friends, and he is happy like this. But it isn’t healthy to never go out and never talk to anyone. When we are at volunteering he will sometimes talk to the other volunteers and it gets him out of the house. The group of volunteers is mostly the same nice people each week, and the place where we volunteer isn’t large. William has been able to get used to them and he feels comfortable. If I let him use working as an excuse to stay home, he has lost all of his contact with the outside world. Or to look at it another way, he is around twenty-five years old. How long can I tell him what to do? For right now, we are all going to volunteering.


11/21/16 jackets, pick up times and the cat…

We are looking for a jacket for Maggie. She has a jacket from last year but the zipper does not work all of the time. Maggie is tough on her zippers. Her jackets are in good shape but the zippers wear out. I save her jackets, one day I will learn to sew and replace her zippers. We are looking at Goodwill or Plato’s Closet, the resale shop. The winter jackets are just starting to come out. William has three jackets, he has stopped growing at 6′ 2″, and Beth had a jacket from last year, but we found one at Goodwill that she liked, so we bought it. It was only $7. If this winter is bad, I want to make sure that the kids have warm jackets. 

I went to pick Maggie up at school tonight. She had said to pick her up at seven. She didn’t come out of the building. I texted her email to say that I was there, she won’t carry her cell phone. No answer. At seven thirty I texted home to Beth to see if she had called. No answer from Beth. I don’t want to panic too early, but if she is hurt or needs me, I don’t want to wait, but its not like Maggie to be this late. At twenty after I parked the car and headed into the building. I decided that if she was in there making bracelets on her loom I would take it. I found Maggie at her normal computer doing chemistry and watching a movie. My kids do there homework with a movie on or music playing, I can’t do that. She was surprised to see me. She thought that we had set a time of nine o’clock. I said OK and went home. We live sort of close to the university.
When I picked her up later I suggested that she write down the time. Maybe putting it in her planner. She said that that wouldn’t work because she would need to get it out of her backpack and put it back in each morning. She is not a morning person and doesn’t want all of that commotion in the morning. I suggested she could write the time on one piece of paper and keep it in her pocket. Each night scribbling out the time and writing a new one each day. She said no. She would take a piece of paper and cut it into little squares and keep all of the blank squares in her jacket pocket. Each day pulling out a different paper and writing the pick up time on on. We will see how it works. 
When we got home our cat was waiting for us. She has been looking tired lately. Maggie picked her up and held her. Mandy likes to have someone with her all of the time. She likes to be held if we are standing up, but as soon as we sit down, she runs off.


7/29/15 family history, cats…

1.10.14 My mom has been recording some family history on the tape recorder. The first few days she recorded a lot, but now she records on it now and then. I need to get the recorder back from her and record the information on a second recorder so that it will be in two places.
It is about twenty five degrees today. By Friday it should be forty degrees and raining.
I was driving home yesterday and saw some kids walking home. While waiting at a stop light the kids came to a waist-high pile of snow in their path. Instead of walking around it, they crawled over it and slid/rolled down it. They were having a great time. I remember being that young. We haven’t built a fort  or had a neighborhood snow ball fight in years.
One of the best decisions that we made in the last year was to get a second cat. She has added so much to our family.
I have made my New Years resolutions. There are twelve of them. Most of them involve helping my kids do something, so they will be ongoing.
We will probably take the Christmas tree down next weekend
It was forty-two degrees today.


7/25/15 cats, volunteering, Christmas ornaments and New Years resolutions…

12.16.13 The smaller cat got caught in Maggie’s built in dresser yesterday. When Maggie pulled out the bottom drawer the cat climbed in the dresser drawer and then back behind it. We tried to call the cat to get her out, sometimes she comes when we call her. She didn’t come out this time. We tried to reach in, over the back of the drawer and get her. We couldn’t get her. Then we got their cat food dish and shook it to see if she would come out to eat. She didn’t. Next we tried the cat nip. She tried to climb out but didn’t have anything to push off of with her back legs. We gently started to close the drawer some until she was able to use the back of the dresser as a base to push off of and she was able to get out. We were all very happy that she was safe.The cat wasn’t upset by the experience at all because she tried to climb back in later.

I have all of my mandatory volunteer hours at Maggie’s school now. We need ten volunteer hours a year. I will still volunteer more during the rest of the year, but it is nice that the pressure is off.

Maggie and Beth, and Beth’s boyfriend have gone tonight to the church youth group Christmas party.

Our little cat likes the Christmas tree. She is playing with it a little bit. The morning after we put the tree up there was a chair close to the tree with the back of the chair by the tree. She was standing on the back of the chair playing with one of the ornaments. I am not really worried that she will break an ornament. Most of our glass ornaments were broken when the kids were young. One of kids was reaching for a ornament on a higher branch when they were young and pulled really hard. The tree broke in half. No one was hurt but most of the breakable ornaments were broken and  lot of the lights broke. We bought a new tree and put the unbroken ornaments back on it. Now we make an ornament each year but it is usually the flat wooden ones that we decorate with markers and our names and the year. If the cat pulls down an ornament it probably won’t break, but some are decorated and she might eat part of it.

I have started making my New Years Resolutions. I am not sure if the kids make any. I remind them about making them each year, but they decide for themselves what they want to do. To me it is a good time to look back on where I am and where I want to be. I do this twice a year. Once at New Years and once at Easter. Jesus died for us and washed away our sins on Easter, so it is a good time to see if any changes are needed.

This year I have decided to try to cook more on only pans that will fit into the dishwasher.



7/19/15 birthday’s and phone games…

written 11.15.13 We are celebrating Beth’s birthday tonight. Her birthday is Sunday. We had planned to have the party next Friday, but yesterday she asked if we could move it up.
written 11.16.13 I have found the game Bejulled. Oh my. My kids play it sometimes. One of the kids downloaded it onto my phone. It is a fun pass time, that has no value. I have now played it a few times. It is very addictive.
We had Beth’s birthday last night. It was fun. Mom came over. We had dinner and cake and ice cream. We did measure on the measuring stick. Beth has been the same height for a few years. The stick that we measure on is six feet tall and about two inches wide. We draw a line on it for the height and put the persons, or cats, name their age and the date of their birthday. After three years of Beth not growing, that spot on the board is full. Now we have arrows from the information to the height line. We did not measure the cats this time. They were hiding.
The kids wanted to know if we could use the same stick to measure their kids. I said yes, but it would get really full if they each had a lot of kids. We decided to get a separate stick for each of their families. But…this also means that we would need to get together for all of the grandkids birthdays. They decided that if we all live in separate areas, they can mail me the measurements of their kids and I could add their height to my measuring stick.


3/31/15 warmer weather, darning sox, a house for the cats, Day 13/365…

written 1/13/14 – It has been a lot warmer. It was above freezing and rainy over the weekend. The kids fort is starting to melt. When it was snowy we had made a path to out gas meter. Now it is melting down to the grass. 111fort2 111fort1 111water meter

We need to darn some of Beth’s sox. I don’t know if we need the darning ball…I am not sure if that is the name of it…or if we can darn them without it. I haven’t tried to darn soxs since junior high and I wasn’t successfull. The mending has to be flat so that it doesn’t feel strange to walk on the repair. Beth loves her sox, they are fun designs and she doesn’t like to get rid of them so we need to try to repair them.

Maggie has built the cats a house. It started out as one room, but the larger cat couldn’t turn around in it, so she added a side room. It also has a sun roof. I am not sure why she added the second side room with the empty peanut butter jar on it. It may be because she can take the peanut butter jar off…it isn’t taped on…and she can play with the cats through it. 1123 1125

Here are some pictures: 1122
161711164 16110



3/21/15 New Years Eve, charging cords, guitar class and cat rescue…

written 12/31/13 – Today is New Years Eve, This year went by so fast. It was a better year. I like to look back at the last year and see how we did. Last Sunday the Pastor said that we could the Bible verses from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 (New Living Translation), We could look at each line and see if we had done anything in each of these seasons. For example in a time to be born, what had we started or gotten set up and in a time to die, what had we finished or said “I am not going to do any more”. I had never thought of looking at these Bible veses this way.

“1 For everything there is a season,

a time for every activity under heaven.

2 A time to be born and a time to die.

A time to plant and a time to harvest.

3 A time to kill and a time to heal.

A time to tear down and a time to build up.

4 A time to cry and a time to laugh.

A time to grieve and a time to dance.

5 A time to scatter stones and a time to gather stones.

A time to embrace and a time to turn away.

6 A time to search and a time to quit searching.

A time to keep and a time to throw away.

7 A time to tear and a time to mend.

A time to be quiet and a time to speak.

8 A time to love and a time to hate.

A time for war and a time for peace.” (Footnote 1)

I want to look at these lines and see where God has taken me and my family last year.

Last year was a very settling year. I tend to like to be everywhere. Last year I took a better look at what was working and actually took the step of dropping some of the things that were not a benefit to our family. It was a tough decision, but now I have more time to concentrate on productive and helpful things.

I lost the power cord for my Nook in early December. It was fully charged at the time so I decided to keep using it and post it when we found the cord. We have found the cord.

Monday 12.2.13 I have lost the charging cord for my cell phone and the cord for my Nook. We saw the cords last week. Luckily the kids have a cord that will work on my phone. Charging cords at our house are like sox, they keep getting lost.
Maggie had her last day of guitar today. She was relieved. She liked the other students and the teachers, but wasn’t thrilled with the guitar. Her other classes don’t end until the end of the year.

Monday 12.16.13 The smaller cat got caught in Maggie’s dresser yesterday. It is a built in dresser. When Maggie pulled out the bottom drawer the cat climbed in the dresser drawer and then back behind it. The drawer doesn’t come completely out of the dresser. We tried to call the cat to get her out, sometimes she comes when we call her. She didn’t come out this time. We tried to reach in, over the back of the drawer and get her. We couldn’t get her. Then we got their cat food dish and shook it to see if she would come out to eat. She didn’t. Next we tried the cat nip. She tried to climb out but didn’t have anything to push off of with her back legs. We gently started to close the drawer some until she was able to use the back of the dresser as a base to push off of and she was able to get out. We were all very happy that she was safe. The kitty wasn’t upset by the experience because she tried to climb back in later.



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