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Archive for March, 2015

3/31/15 warmer weather, darning sox, a house for the cats, Day 13/365…

written 1/13/14 – It has been a lot warmer. It was above freezing and rainy over the weekend. The kids fort is starting to melt. When it was snowy we had made a path to out gas meter. Now it is melting down to the grass. 111fort2 111fort1 111water meter

We need to darn some of Beth’s sox. I don’t know if we need the darning ball…I am not sure if that is the name of it…or if we can darn them without it. I haven’t tried to darn soxs since junior high and I wasn’t successfull. The mending has to be flat so that it doesn’t feel strange to walk on the repair. Beth loves her sox, they are fun designs and she doesn’t like to get rid of them so we need to try to repair them.

Maggie has built the cats a house. It started out as one room, but the larger cat couldn’t turn around in it, so she added a side room. It also has a sun roof. I am not sure why she added the second side room with the empty peanut butter jar on it. It may be because she can take the peanut butter jar off…it isn’t taped on…and she can play with the cats through it. 1123 1125

Here are some pictures: 1122
161711164 16110



3/30/15 spring fever, church meeting and camping…

written 1/10/14 –  It seemed like everyone had Spring Fever today. The weather was above 0 deg, all of the kids were in school…mine had a 2 hour delay, but they were in school…and there are no storms on the 7 day forecast.

At some houses sox disappear. At our house the left handed gloves disappear. We now have a lot of right handed gloves. I wear a baggie one on my left hand.

The kids and I had a fun day Saturday. We are trying to find a new place to go camping. We drove over to the new camp ground. It is not as close to our house as the one that we camped at last summer, so it was a fun car trip. We talked some, listened to some music, looked out of the window and spent a lot of time looking at the map. We stopped twice for directions before we finally found it. The drive home was a lot quicker. We can go camping there in the spring, we are not ready yet for year round camping. I didn’t take any pictures. We left the house late and wanted to find it and get back home before it got dark. I don’t like being out in unfamiliar territory in the country after dark. It takes some time to take pictures, especially in a new areas. When we see something to get a picture of, we need to turn around and go back to it, and sometimes get out of the car to be close enough. I take most of my pictures with my phone. We do have a camera, but it is so much easier not to carry a second item. There were a lot of things to get pictures of, but we would have gotten home after dark. When we go back, we can get a lot of pictures.

Here are some pictures: 1101 1102 1103 1104 1105 1106 1107water picture 181 11011



3/29/15 the streets are cleared…

written 1/9/14 – Our town was opened on Wednesday after all of the snow and cold weather. We had about a foot of snow and it was about -14 deg. It is now safe to drive on the streets but the kids school was still closed. They will go back tomorrow. I think that the temperature will be about 24 deg. tomorrow.

I went back to the store today and most of the carts were being used. Everyone is trying to restock their kitchens from being at home for four days.

Beth had a yogurt and made a spoon from the cover of the yogurt. Yolpait

It has been so cold lately that I have stopped taking pictures. It is easy to take them when it is nice out. All that I have left is Art Museum pictures, so today I took a few. I need to get back into practice.

Here are some pictures: 18wood 18tree1634 163518redbox 18equipt 18brick



3/28/15 cell phone and adding a picture onto my blog…

written 1/8/14 – I have made more of a commitment to my cell phone. I am relatively new to cell phones, having mine for less than a year. This last month I got our family phone book and entered all of the numbers and addresses into my phone. I have my kids write all of their phones numbers and information into notebooks now and then…they have had phones longer than me. Then if their phone completely dies they have all of the numbers. I need to do this too. There are numbers in my phone that aren’t in the address book.

I tried to add a picture to one of my contacts in my phone. Before kids I could have done this alone, now with kids, I did try, but my daughter ended up cropping the picture and adding it for me. I do think that I can do the next one.

I had some free time and deleted all of the old messages on my phone. The wrong numbers are now gone. Next is the pictures. All of the ones that have been transferred to my blog need deleted.

We have another day off. The snow has stopped but the temperature is -13 deg before the wind chill and there is ice on the roads. Everything is down because of the ice. At this temperature, the salt won’t melt the ice.

Beth is doing math today. Maggie is cleaning her room and William is on the computer.

We added a picture to my blog. I thought that it would go in the top with the title, but it didn’t.

Here is a picture in our front yard with the sign in it. If it snows again it will be buried. We should bring it in so that no one falls on it and gets hurt.
Here is the girls fort.

Here are some pictures: 17sky Popeyes17sign 17fort1615 1631 2 cats looking out door



3/27/15 another snow day…

written 1/7/14 – We had a day off yesterday. We had planned on playing board games, but never got to it. We were going to go out and shovel, but the neighbors did our drive and our sidewalk with their snow blower. That was so nice of them. In the morning it was ten degrees, by dinner time it was -10 deg.  We weren’t expecting any more snow, but they said that it was going to get really cold last night.

We got at least two inches of snow Sunday night. The girls fort had a new covering of snow. The windows on the basement are covered with snow. It is darker, sort of creepy in the basement to not have the shadows in the normal places.

Maggie did puzzles yesterday, and the kids  watched movies. Beth’s math is online. She did some math in the evening. puzzle1 puzzle 2

Here are some pictures: 163 164 169 1611 1622 1625 1626 1629161111 yellow



3/26/15 ice skating, walking in the cemetery and a snow day…

written 1/6/14 – We went ice skating this last weekend. We took Beth’s boyfriend. It was busier that other times that we have gone. This time there were a lot of younger kids who were relatively new to skating. 1630c11

We went for a walk at the local cemetery the other day. This was the weekend before all of the snow started to fall. We like to wander around there. If some of the trees branches have fallen, we take them to the outside edges so that the city can pick them up the next time that they are there to mow the grass. Our cemetery has a lot of older head stones, a lot of the deceased dates are from around 1930. Some of them have been worn away by the weather. We have seen one new burial there since we moved into this house. Now and then someone puts flowers onto a grave. There is a buckeye tree in the cemetery so we go in the summer and collect buckeyes. marker marker 2 markers tree in cemetary

Today our town is shut down because of all of the snow. The kids were scheduled to start back to school today after the Christmas and New Years break. We shoveled twice yesterday and went inside at about 7:00 pm. We had the drive and the sidewalk clear. The drive is now full of snow up to the top of the drifts. It isn’t too cold out, about 14 deg, but it may get to – 15 tonight and – 5 tomorrow. The kids got some board games for Christmas, I am hoping to get to play them today.

Here are some pictures: 170 161 162 1615 1619 168 1616 1617 1618lady washing clothes roof spaces available



3/25/15 favorite apps…

Last update: 3/23/15

fun 3. Cow Evolution – OK, I’ll admit it, I didn’t learn with Platypus Evolution…my kids were playing Cow Evolution and they had an alien and I didn’t. It is more exciting than Platypus Evolution. there is an alien that needs to have my cows given to it. Points are given the for these cows on another planet. So we can switch back and forth from Earth to Mars and there are the aliens on earth that need cows. They have a picture of which level of cow that they are looking for. Also you can  buy hats for the cows. I though that this was silly at first, but I did end up buying a lot of them hats. If you buy one level of cows a hat, all of the future cows in that level get that hat…Also, if you recreate the world, all of the cows in the next world get the same hat, you don’t need to re-buy them. It is sort of a slow game at first, when enough points are accumulated you can get the cows to come every five seconds instead of every ten seconds. This one is very addicting too.

Last update: 1/19/15

fun 2. Platypus Evolution – the object is to find two platypus that are the same and move them by each other, where they become one platypus that has changed. As the boxes fall you tap on them to get the platypus out. It is really addictive!!!

fun 1. Jewels Star – I started on classic, then tried mineral for a while, then I went back to classic. Mineral is good if I want to accomplish something, but all of the lower levels must be gone to keep playing. In classic if I am doing anything the game keeps going. Very addictive!!!

This is on one of my tabs on the top of my blog, but no one visited it so I moved it to this main area too.


3/25/15 shoveling and snow forts…

written 1/4/14 – We went outside to shovel today. There wasn’t much new snow, but there is a lot on the way. We shoveled about an inch or two of heavy, wet snow. Good snowball or fort making snow. The snow usually falls in individual flakes. Today it was falling in big clumps. c13 After shoveling our driveway we usually go and shovel the drives and sidewalks of the older people on our street. We live on a little dead end street and our drives and sidewalks aren’t that big, so this really isn’t a lot of shoveling. There used to be three older people to shovel for, now there is only one. It teaches the kids to help others, and it wears the kids out.

fort1 fort3 fort4 fort5 fort6 The girls decided to build a cave using our play area. They made walls of snow. 
do not enter street Popeyes sheep starfish1 snow pine trees ship4

Here are some pictures: c121 bowl artist picture cat 2



3/24/15 getting ready for the storm…

written 1/4/14 – We have been getting ready for the coming storm today. The storm may come in tomorrow. We should get about two inches of snow tonight and the temperature overnight should be about 27 deg. Tomorrow we may get six to twelve inches of snow and the arctic cold should come in. I have heard that this should be the coldest that it has been in the last twenty years.

We went to the big superstore, Meijer, today and there were no carts, the store was very full. Later we went to the grocery store. They had so many customers that they had set up an extra temporary check out line. They must have had an extra cash register because they set it up at the end of the line of the other registers. They had a table by the register for the customers to put their groceries on. An employee was going up to people in the self-check out lane and directing the customers with one, two or three items to this new line. They had a sign up calling it the “Express express” lane. The stores were busy in our town at Christmas, but they were even busier tonight. Everyone is taking this incoming storm very seriously.

Here is a picture: I can’t get the pictures to load today.1



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