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Archive for September, 2014

10/29/14 flower seeds…

written 4/15/12 – We planted flower seeds in the two pots in the front yard. If we get more snow or frost, we can get more seeds and plant them. The seeds that were planted last year were perennials, so they may sprout this year too. We got two packs of flowers, two different kinds, so there may be a lot of colors in the planters.



9/28/14 games…

written 3/21/12 – When I picked up Beth from school, the students were outside. They had two boards about six feet long. Each board had four blocks of wood nailed to the top of them, and four ropes attached to them, each rope was by the blocks. Four kids stand on the board, like the boards are skis, with one foot on each board, all facing the same direction. Their feet are up against the blocks of wood. The object is to lift their right foot at the same time and move the board forward. Then they all move the left board forward. They had a girls team and a boys team. When someone fell off of the board, they had to take the boards back to the starting line. One person on each team called out “one, two, three, right, one two, three, left…”. Then they could all move together. There was a lot of laughing as they tried to do this.

The second game they played, I couldn’t hear the instructions. They had big blocks of different heights. Some were about five inches high, and some were about ten inches high. The blocks were in a circle about a foot apart. The kids were standing on separate blocks and each was given a little piece of paper and they had to move to other blocks. They had to pass each other without falling off of the blocks.

The third game that they had was a string wall. They must have played this game first, I didn’t see them use it. It is two metal poles about five feet high and about six feet apart. There is a string tied between them at the top and at about one foot from the ground. Between the poles and the string, more string is tied to make openings of different sizes. There were seven openings, so each team had seven people. The object is to have everyone go through a different opening, without touching the string.The openings are different sizes and at different heights. To get to the upper openings the kids can be picked up, use chairs, use the blocks to stand on, etc. Whatever the kids can think of.

The kids like these games, they need to work together and think to play them.


9/28/14 Joy Dare…

9/28/14 Joy Dare…
3 gifts shy:
first words to an old friend, saying good morning to the kids, the sun


9/27/14 Hamlet…

written 3/22/12 – Maggie is reading “Hamlet” in English class. They just finished “Mid Summers Night’s Dream” and “Animal Farm”. She didn’t talk much about the other two books, but she talks all of the time about “Hamlet”. Before the class started reading the book, Maggie found the cliff notes on the computer and she got the book from the bookstore. This book has the story in Shakespeare’s words on one side of the page, and a translation on the other side of the page. She found a “Hamlet” comic book on the Internet. She has printed it, punched holes in each page and numbered the pages. She is now coloring in the characters with colored pencils. It is so hard to find what will spark a child’s interest. “Hamlet” has sparked Maggie.

What sparks your interest? For me, I loved to crochet all of the time, making granny squares. Now I am trying to learn Spanish.

Thanks for stopping by. If you like my blog, please stop in again tomorrow!!!


9/27/14 Joy Dare…

9/27/14 Joy Dare…
3 gifts unexpected, uneven, unpopular:
a hug, the kids being taller than me, bedtimes


9/26/14 spring cleaning and ice skating…

written 3/20/12 – I made out a list of jobs that needed to be done for our spring cleaning. It is written in my little notebook, so I won’t need to rewrite it again next year. I usually make out the list, get one or two things done and loose the list. I am hoping that with the notebook, I can keep track of it. The list is longer than I expected it to be.

I remember when I was young, before I had kids, I could make a list and accomplish all of it in a day or two. Now there are so many more important things to do. We do get the spring cleaning done, it just takes longer.

The girls are now signed up for ice skating lessons. William won’t go to lessons, but he will go with us to open skate. It starts in a couple of weeks. This session is four lessons. The next session after this is in the fall when the kids go back to school. It is an indoor rink, so we can go to open skate all year.

How do you keep track of the things that you need to get done?

Thanks for stopping by! Please come back tomorrow and see what new adventures we have found!!!


9/26/14 Joy Dare…

9/26/14 Joy Dare…
3 gifts flourishing:
the weeds growing in my backyard, my kids, the weather


9/25/14 unicycle…

written 3/18/12 – We got the unicycle out on Saturday. The kids were so surprised. They pumped up the tire. William was thrilled to see it, but he said that he would ride it later and went back inside. Beth was all dressed up for St Patrick’s Day and said that she would ride it later. Maggie did ride the unicycle. We have a chain link fence in the backyard by the driveway. Maggie rode there. Maggie said that she didn’t want to take it into the front yard, where there is no fence, until she was sort of steady on it. Then the neighbors wouldn’t see her falling over. I tried it too. It is tough but do-able. It was a bigger work out than I had imagined. On a bike you need to balance to keep from falling over sideways. On a unicycle, you need to not fall over sideways or forward or backward. Maggie and I practiced for about an hour. We need at least two more unicycles so that when the kids get their balance and don’t need to hold onto the fence, they can ride together.

Maggie did get her website finished. She was sure when she got it done that it was OK.

Do you exercise? What is your favorite exercise?

Please join us again tomorrow and read about our newest adventure!!!



9/25/14 Joy Dare…

9/25/14 Joy Dare…
3 gifts finished:
a book, a story, a conversation


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